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Screens - Instrumentals by Rreess  

rreess - tempelhof - instrumentals
Opensonics' second industry release, Screens – Instrumentals
delivers electronic and rock fused atmospheres. Some tracks are powerful and expansive, others fragile and hypnotic.

Screens – Instrumentals was composed by Nicholas Payne and Nicholas Reece and is produced and mixed by Ken Thomas ( who has also produced M83, Sigur Ros, Daughter, David Gahan )
This collection is an exciting and rich blend of contemporary instrumental tracks for Opensonics.

The album is originally with vocals by artist Rreess, entitled Screens, and was written as a collection of songs that take an emotional journey, through troubled dreams and new hope.

Track list:

01. Silver
02. Run
03. Sun
04. Brighter
05. True
06. High
07. Lost
08. Too Late
09. Dreams
10. Breathe

Screens – Instrumentals — Rreess

Ctlg.No: OS-002
Length: 39:50 / 10 tracks
Genres: Soundtrack

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