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Selbstentferner - Instrumentals by KomputerKomputer  

rreess - tempelhof - instrumentals
Opensonics' new industry release, Selbstentferner – Instrumentals, is an exciting fusion of punk energy and retro electronic sounds. A blended hybrid of old school drum machine rhythms with burnt-dirty bass lines and raw driving analogue synths.

Selbstentferner – Instrumentals was composed by KomputerKomputer and produced by the band, mixed and co-produced by Nicholas de Carlo. This album is a very exciting release for Opensonics.

The album is originally by the German electroclash band KomputerKomputer, entitled Selbstentferner which features urgent vocals delivered in English, French & German, sometimes even spliced within the same song.

This album is an edgy statement fresh and retro at the same time.

Track list:

01. Je suis...
02. Selbstentferner
03. Super Retro
04. Hit Me
05. Bleu sur Noir
06. Kopfhörer
07. Addicted
08. Meese irrt!
09. Message from the Moon

Selbstentferner – Instrumentals — KomputerKomputer

Ctlg.No: OS-003
Length: 34:58 / 9 tracks
Electro / Big Beat / Drum'n'Bass

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